Wanigan- Aqua Blue

Wanigan- Aqua Blue


A beautiful aqua blue wooden box with backpack straps! This is a wanigan. If you canoe this box is indispensable, if you don’t canoe, this box is just downright awesome.

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A wanigan is a traditional canoeing pack used since the time of the fur trading voyageurs. Its roots are from Native American culture in the New England area. Today these boxes have been modernized and are surprisingly comfortable to carry, even when loaded.


The intended use is that of a kitchen equipment pack. On the trips I lead, I bring two wanigans for good measure. One will contain cooking and safety equipment, the other will be loaded with food. They can survive most any trip down broiling rapids and look good doing it. When not being lovingly abused on a wilderness canoe adventure, they double as a unique end table and a beautiful place to store gear. They also make a great pack for adventures not traveled by canoe, though one should not expect a wanigan to replace a sturdy backpack, unless one is nuts.


With proper care this wanigan will last a lifetime or longer. The most important thing is to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and excessive moisture. The finish is a super durable catalyzed urethane, which is UV stable and highly abrasion resistant. Many of the wanigans I have used saw institutional use for 15+ years, meaning thousands of miles paddled and abuse no wooden box should ever be made to suffer, and despite receiving little if any maintenance, were still looking good. They were made to be used and this wanigan will not let you down.