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Our Mission

EarthEd seeks to provide youth a meaningful opportunity to engage nature through both organized, structured activities as well as unstructured outdoor play. Recognition of the fact that we all find unique ways to enjoy the natural world around us has led us to believe each activity, each instructor, each child has a different and potentially valid approach. Canoeing, hiking, sailing as well as reading, soccer, or just building a fort in the trees may spark a lifetime appreciation of nature. Providing these types of opportunities in a safe setting is our essential mission.


Our Trips



This canoe trip is for six to eight young adults from 14-17 years old. 



This is the trip to train the next generation of qualified trip leaders. 



This trip is for groups of mixed age (14-74), specially tailored to the needs of the group. 



This is the trip for a corporate team looking to try something beyond the norm.


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Sam Devine on the Wolverine River in sub-arctic Manitoba.

Sam Devine on the Wolverine River in sub-arctic Manitoba.


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About Sam

Sam is more than just canoes and fun outdoor trips. He is also the Owner and Founder of Kinetic Design Build in Minneapolis, working with select clients to create warm and welcoming environments. He is also the Co-Founder of Kinetic Legacy, the parent company for the soon-to-be launched smartphone app, Andelin. Andelin will provide an easy-to-use digital platform to record, preserve, and share you life legacy.