Hi, I'm Sam


Hi, I'm Sam Devine. I am the founder of EarthEd with the goal of providing the next generation with a meaningful opportunity to engage nature through both organized, structured activities as well as unstructured outdoor play. As a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, I was getting my hands dirty at an early age exploring the Upper Midwest. Fishing, camping, canoeing and general boy mischief exploring the wilds of Minnesota cemented a deep love for nature. I parlayed that enthusiasm into an enriching and rewarding position as Assistant Camp Counselor at Camp Chippewa, a boys camp in Northern Minnesota. Now, as the father of three brilliant children, the necessity of passing down a love for Mother Nature becomes that much more important - and deeply personal.  

Our mission is simple - providing a child with a safe, fun, and welcoming environment to explore while building important life skills.

Recognition of the fact that we all find unique ways to enjoy the natural world around us has led us to believe each activity, each instructor, each child has a different and potentially valid approach. Canoeing, hiking, sailing as well as reading, soccer, or just building a fort in the trees may spark a lifetime appreciation of nature. Providing these types of opportunities in a safe setting is our essential mission.